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It is always important for us as a family run business to be working with and listening to the local communities in which we operate in.

Since the Fox Group has taken over the site at Tong Quarry, Bacup we were very eager to meet with local residents and listen to their feedback in regards to our operations but also how as a company we can support the Rossendale community.

We are very pleased to announce we have agreed an annual sponsorship with the Community Defibs for Rossendale

The volunteer group was formed in 2010 to raise awareness of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and that early defibrillation following a cardiac arrest in conjunction with effective CPR in an out of hospital environment can and does save lives.

“We are delighted to accept annual sponsorship from The Fox Group. We aim to facilitate the placement of public access defibrillators in the heart of our Communities and promote that they can be used safely without any formal training. To date there are almost 40 in and around Rossendale, including in Bacup Centre town centre, at Bacup Fire Station and in Stubbylee Park. We are grateful that the work we are doing has been recognised by The Fox Group and know that the annual financial support enables us to continue with this network and hopefully save more lives in our Communities going forward.”

Dawn Taylor representing Community Defibs for Rossendale volunteer group


In addition to this annual sponsorship, the Fox Group is eager to carry on supporting grassroots sports and recreation clubs.

Therefore we are delighted to be kit sponsors for Northern Primary School‘s football team and are very pleased with how the new kit looks.

With more future plans, the Fox Group is determined to continue our community work where possible in and around all our main operational sites.



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