About Us

Established in 1971, Hurt Plant Hire Ltd. is the premier supplier of Plant Machinery throughout the North West, Greater Manchester and North Wales.

With over 40 years of extensive knowledge and practical experience in the Construction Industry, we have built an excellent reputation for providing a consistently efficient and reliable first-class service to organisations of any scale.

Our fleet of over 300 items of plant and 60 wagons has an average fleet age of 2½ years and this, together with our dedicated low loader delivery and maintenance facilities, our commitment to Health and Safety, and our pool of highly experienced and fully qualified operators enables us to offer our customers a reliable, efficient and first-class service utilising the very latest Industry Technology.

September 2020 was a landmark occasion as it was announced Hurt Plant Hire had been acquired by Fox Brothers now making us one of the largest hauliers of aggregates, recycled materials and earthworks Nationally.

HURT services


Whatever the project, whether in the countryside or city, you can always depend on us to deliver the right plant when and where you need it.


We can provide highly trained, skilled personnel and equipment for any size of project. This is why Clive Hurt Plant Hire is the ‘contractor’s preferred choice.’


We can supply for hire a wide range of wagons and transporters.


We are committed to the environment through the recycling of as much waste material as possible at our recycling centres in Leyland and Chorley.


We can also supply traditional natural materials to both companies and individuals across the UK and beyond.



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